Installation Guide

Installation Videos

If you are already known to windows and the general functionalities of SAMVAD. Follow the following steps for a quick start in SAMVAD -

  1. Date And Time Format:- Before installation of SAMVAD. We have to configure Date And Time Format of PCs manually. This configuration is required to register the S/W.

    Please follow the following steps of Video "Date And Time Format" to configure it manually before installing SAMVAD S/W.

  2. Installing samvad:- The steps to install Samvad with CD-ROM are as follows:

     Step1- Insert the CD into your CD-ROM drive.Open disc from CD-ROM and click on “SETUP” icon.
    D:\setup.exe (or use the drivename\setup.exe)
    Step2- If their is any problem with step-1 then follow Insert the CD into your CD-ROM drive.
    Open disc from CD-ROM click on samvadCD.exe and then Click On Samvad 3.00E.
    OR D:\samvadCD.exe (or use the drivename\samvadCD.exe)
    Step3 - Open setup file “Welcome to the Samvad Setup Wizard”. Then Click on Next Button of the Wizard.
     Step4 – After clicking on Next, Select installation folder and Then select an option either from everyone or just me check box button. If you select just me then, only you can use Samvad software and if you select everyone then, all user of your system use Samvad. Now click on next button.
     Step5 - After selection of installation folder , Confirm for Installation . If you are ready for installation then click on next button. If you're not ready to install software then, click on back button.
    Step6- Then installation of
    Samvad . will be started. After finishing the process of installation, Click on next button. 
    Step7- After installing
    Samvad Click on close button for exit and complete the installation the process.
    Step8- Now Connect the Dongle, (if you have). After inserting the dongle, click on Start menu And go to programs menu and click on Samvad Icons and open introduction
    Step9- Now you will get a new form for registration key. For registration key you can follow following process-
    a. Two types of key will be shown :
    1. System Key
    2. User Key
    b. Now you need to click on export system key and save key on your desktop. And mail this key to
    c. After mailing the saved text document of key to COMCON . COMCON will send you the registration key.
    d. After getting the registration key, Repeat Step 7. Then, Click on import user key on the form opened and select that key and click on open button.
    Now your user key is save In user key column.
    Now click on Registration button this will register your Samvad with the Imported Key. After registration, it will restart and will ask for your login . Enter the default username ="Demo" and password="Demo". You should delete this user once the installation completes.

  3. Security Setting:- Sometimes, if the system key is not automatically generated, we need to manually configure its security settings. This setting requires to give permission like Read, Write, Modify etc to user of the PCs.

    Please follow the steps mentioned in video "Security Setting" to configure it manually.

  4. Setting up Two-monitor system:- This setting require to configure dual display and its properties for the PCs. The configuration require to get the mirrored image on Teleprompter. After Installation of SAMVAD, we have to configure this setting manually.
    1. Installing Dual display Card
    2. How to make sure that your graphic card is properly installed
    3. Changing Windows Display Properties: Resolution + primary monitor

  5. Setting Up Three-monitor System:- This setting require to get prompting image at Teleprompter, Operator and a preview.
    1. Installing Dual display Card
    2. How to make sure that your graphic card is properly installed
    3. BIOS Settings:- The following steps require to change video configuration of BIOS:-

      Step1:- Restart your PC and press DEL key of the keyboard to enter in BIOS.

      Step2:- Go to advanced tab of BIOS setting, select Video Configuration.

      Step3:- Go to primary video adapter and change setting of AGP to PCI.

      Step4:- Now save the configuration and exit from BIOS, This will restart your system and you will find Three displayS in you desktop properties.

    4. Changing Windows Display Properties

  6. Multilanguage Support:- This setting requires to configure multi language support for the PCs, this is required to configure the regional language we have to use. This include the font and keyboard setting of the PCs.

    Please follow the steps of video1 "Multilanguage 1" and video2 "Multilanguage 2" to configure Multilanguage setting for the PCs.

  7. Power And Screen Saver Settings:-  After installation of SAMVAD S/W we have to manually configure the Power And Screen Saver settings. This configuration required to disable screensaver if any and power option of the PCs.
    follow the following steps of Video " Power Settings" to configure it manually after installing SAMVAD S/W.