Teleprompter:SAMVAD Teleprompter Live Pro

Amazing Feature set

Samvad Live Pro is a unique product which in addition to being a teleprompter, also provides some degree of work management.

Samvad Live Pro Boosts of powerful teleprompting features and some awesome networking features, which allow users to synchronize and coordinate activities on different system connected on a LAN.

  • Real-time Network Updates
  • Multiple User Profiles
  • Central Data storage
  • Breaking News
  • Type N Play
  • Reader Management
  • Anchor Messages
  • Multi Camera Support
  • Background Color Selection
  • Date & Time Display
  • Run Time Script Editing
  • Run-Time Runorder Updation
  • Block Story
  • Clip Reference

Samvad Live Pro Brochure

About - Samvad Live Pro Teleprompters

Samvad Live Pro has been designed keeping in mind the need of broadcasters who do not need something as elaborate as a NCS, but a simpler workflow system, that would allow their team to coordinate and let the information flow freely, yet smoothly.

Samvad Live pro offers a solution that allows multiple system users to share data in a consistent manner, so that all users have the updated data at all times. It allows for managed data sharing as well, by offering multiple user profiles. Real -time Updates flow from one system to another, which allow for live updates even without a NCS.

Samvad Live Pro is designed to cover the complete life cycle of scripts, from initial drafting by editors, proofreading by producers and finally teleprompting by operators.

System Requirements

Operating System: Windows XP(32 bit or 64 bit) Windows 7(32 bit or 64 bit)

Min 2.6Ghz CPU ; 2 GB RAM; 1 Free PCI Express Slot(For Desktop)

Last Update Released on: 1 May 2015

Supported Accessories

Serial Hand Control
USB Foot Control


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