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Amazing Feature set

The M in Samvad Professional M/A, stands for MOS compliance. If, you have to ask what is MOS compliance , then you probably don't need it, but to know more about MOS compliance, click here.

Samvad Professional M/A is the most advanced stand-alone teleprompter from the house of Samvad. It boosts not only of MOS compliance, but a host of other amazing features as well.

  • Breaking News
  • Type N Play
  • Import RTF/Doc/Html/Txt
  • Import Run Downs
  • Reader Management
  • Anchor Messages
  • PlayBox Integration
  • Multi Camera Support
  • Background Color Selection
  • Date & Time Display
  • Bookmarks
  • Timer
  • Auto Detect and import files
  • Run Time Script Editing
  • Run-Time Runorder Updation
  • Block Story
  • Clip Reference
  • Cloak Text
  • Auto-Time RunDown
  • Any Story Play
  • Auto save story

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About - Samvad Professional M/A

Samvad Professional M/A has been designed keeping in mind the needs of broadcasters. It integrates seamlessly with NRCS like ENPS and Octopus, and need very little user training. Almost anyone who has some experience with using Windows, can operate it with ease.

It offers you a super smooth, hassle free teleprompting experience


Samvad MOS 15

Software:Samvad MOS

Hardware Size:15 inch

Samvad MOS

Software:Samvad MOS

Samvad MOS 19

Software:Samvad MOS

Hardware Size:19 inch


 A1 TV Amity University 6TV TotalTV Bhaskar News smbc insight jabalpur news time assam HT Media P7 News ,Noida(UP), India

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System Requirements

Operating System: Windows 7 and above

Min. intel 3rd gen 3.3 ghz i3 or higher Recommended:
intel 3.5 ghz quad core i5 or higher;
4 GB RAM and Higher;
1 free PCI express Slot

Last Update Released on: 1 May 2015

Supported Accessories

Android Control
Serial Hand Control
Serial Foot Control
Joystick Control
Desk Control

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