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This tutorial covers in detail, how to get Samvad Teleprompting Sofwtare running in Demo mode

HOW TO: Get Permanent License

This Prompting tutorial explains how to obtain and use Permanent License for Samvad Teleprompter

Anchor Messages

Anchor Messages are used to communicate with Anchor without disturbing on-going prompting. This video covers in detail the use of Anchor messages.

Any Story Play

Any story in a Runorder can be prompted by double click or by selecting Play from the Context Menu.

Block/Unblock Story

A script marked as blocked, is automatically skipped by the prompter, i.e. blocked stories are not prompted, even though they are part of the runorder.

Desk Control

This video demonstrates in detail the use of Desk Control to manage prompting operations

Hand Control

This prompting tutorial covers in detail the operations of hand control.

Foot Control : Calibration

Foot control Operations can be calibrated, to better suit the operations of teh anchor. Foot control can be configured to operate withing specific speed range as well. This video covers this configurations in detail

PPT Control : Calibration

Just Like Foot control, presentation remote's operations can also be configured as per user prefrence.This video covers it in detail