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Prime Features

Prime Offers features like:

  •     Reader Management
  •     Anchor Messages
  •     Date Time Show
  •     Block Story
  •     Folder Sync

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live editing feature of prompting software that enable modification of script in real time

Advanced Features

Prime Offers features like:

  •     Live Editing
  •     Parenthesis Coloring
  •     Any story Play
  •     Cloak Text
  •     Advanced Font Support
  •     Smoother Scroll
  •     Bookmarks

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N-Series Hardware

All Professional series Samvad Teleprompters ship with N-Series Teleprompting Hood boosting of:

  •     60/40 teleprompting Glass
  •     Compatible with all professional Tripods
  •     Compatible with all professional Cameras,Hand-held and ENG combined
  •     Weights less than 18 pounds/8.2 Kg
  •     Choice of size available:13", 15” and 19”
  •     Slide weight balancing mechanism

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line drawing of prompter hood
 real time editing on teleprmpter

As the name suggests, Live Editing lets you change the text that is currently ON-AIR on teleprompter. In stressfull broadcast environment, this feature comes handy to
co-operate last minute information and changes.

line drawing showing run down or run order in prompting software

Run Down Management

Prime offers Complete Run Down Management:

  •     Addition/Deletion of stories at Run-time
  •     Updation of Non-live stories at Run-time
  •     Skip/ Previous Commands
  •     Run-time Re-ordering of non-live stories
  •     Drag & Drop Re-ordering

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Multilingual Teleprompting Software

Prime offers a simple teleprompting software that is easy to operate and covers the essentials required from a good prompting software:

  •     Multilingual
  •     Dual-screen
  •     In-built Text Editor

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multilingual feature of prompting software
font adjustment feature of prompt software

Customizable Prompting options

To best suit the needs of all users, it offers customization by offering wide selection options in:

  •     Prompt Font-size
  •     Prompting Speed
  •     Prompting Font-color
  •     Prompting Back-ground color

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Prime Vs MOS

Samvad Prime has most of the features of Samvad MOS, except NRCS integrations, and a different Hardware.

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comparion icon between two teleprompters


Samvad Prime 13'

Software: Samvad Prime

Hardware Size:13 inch

Samvad Prime 15'

Software: Samvad Prime

Hardware Size:15 inch

Samvad Prime 19'

Software: Samvad Prime

Hardware Size:19 inch



Operating System: Windows XP   &  Above (32 bit or 64 bit) Min 2.6Ghz

CPU: 2 GB RAM; 1 Free PCI Express Slot(For Desktop)

Last Update Released on: 1 May 2015