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Teleprompting Software : User Friendly

Quick Pro is a simple prompting solution. It offers effortless prompting of single stories. It covers all the essential features like, support for multiple languages, an in-built editor for last minute update, Story Preview and a Prompter Preview for the Operator, importing existing .doc or .txt files in editor, prompting MS Powerpoint Files and many more.
It is a complete package for non-live video recordings like Coorporate videos and educational videos.

  •     Multilingual
  •     Dual-screen
  •     In-built Text Editor
  •     Story Preview
  •     Prompt Ppt

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multilingual feature of prompting software
font adjustment feature of prompt software

Customizable Prompting options

To best comfort all users, following prompter parameters can be customized as per user preference:

  •     Prompt Font-size
  •     Prompting Speed
  •     Prompting Font-color
  •     Prompting Back-ground color

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O-Series Hardware

All Starter series Teleprompters combine a O-Series Teleprompting Hood with software. Teleprompter Hardware or Hood varies across the series, but remains same for all model within a series. Samvad O-Series Teleprompting Hood boosts of:

  •     60/40 teleprompting Glass
  •     Compatible with all professional Tripods
  •     Compatible with all professional Cameras, Hand-held and ENG combined
  •     Weights less than 18 pounds/8.2 Kg
  •     Choice of size available: 15” and 19”

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Quick Pro VS Professional

Quick Pro and Professional are very different products. Samvad Professional is a far advanced product in comparison to Samvad Quick Pro. Professinal offers some high end features like, runorders, bracket settings, floating control panel etc. which make it a slightly complex product. Samvad Quick Pro is ideal for simple video shoots like ad-films, you-tube video, e-learning video or corporate shoots. It offers a simpler UI and is easier to operate and maintain. In advanced operations, where Samvad Quick Pro fails to fulfil user requirements, Samvad Professional should be considered

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In The BOX

Samvad Quick Pro ships as a complete prompter solution. Users need only a PC\Windows Laptop, Tripod and Camera to get started. Following are the items that ship with Quick Pro:

  •     Assembled Teleprompter Hood with mirror, Display and mounting Assembly
  •     Software Dongle
  •     Graphic Card
  •     VGA and Power Cables
  •     Toolkit
line drawing of prompter hood


Quick Pro 13.5'

Software: Samvad Quick Pro

Hardware Size: 13.5 inch

Quick Pro 15'

Software: Samvad Quick Pro

Hardware Size: 15 inch

Quick Pro 19'

Software: Samvad Quick Pro

Hardware Size: 19 inch



Operating System: Windows 7   &  Above (32 bit or 64 bit)

Min 2.6Ghz CPU; 2 GB RAM; 1 Free PCI Express Slot(For Desktop)

Last Update Released on: 1 May 2021