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Double Stand Podium Prompter

For Public gatherings of more than 50 people, normally double stand podium prompters are prefered. Double stand prompters are normally placed on either side of podium, such that they do not restrict the speaker to look in a particular direction. If placed correctly, they even provide the orator the freedom to move about the stage a bit. As it allows for more natural body stances,speaking with double stand prompters is definitely more comfortable and provides a better connect with audience.

  •     Ablity to address audience on both sides of podium
  •     Balanced neck movement
  •     Speaking with more natural body movement
  •     More professional
  •     Better connect with audience

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stage prompter with double stand and podium icon
teleprompter glass

60:40 Teleprompting glass

All versions of Samvad ship with 60:40 teleprompting glass, that is used in broadcast industry as well. Quality glass ensures that you get legible text without any color or opaqueness visible to the audience. 60:40 is a industry -wide standard for teleprompting glass, which results in glass being:

  •     Colorless
  •     Transparent yet reflective
  •     No ghost image

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Multilingual Teleprompter

Speaking in the language of people leads to better understanding, trust and receptivity. Speech pro offers support for multiple languages, whether it be regional languages of India or international languages like, Spanish, Russian etc.

  •     Multilingual
  •     Dual-screen
  •     In-built Text Editor

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multilingual feature of prompting software
font adjustment feature of prompt software

Customizable Prompting options

To best suit the needs of all users, it offers customization by offering wide selction options in:

  •     Prompt Font-size
  •     Prompting Speed
  •     Prompting Font-color
  •     Prompting Back-ground color

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Remote Controlled Operations

Speech Lite offers control of following operations through Remote:

  •     Play/Pause
  •     Scroll Direction
  •     Speed Control
  •     Forward/Rewind
  •     Presentation Slide Change

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icon for remote supplied with prompter

Powerful Software

Speech Pro Software is capable of:

  •     Windows based robust software
  •     Negligible learning Curve
  •     Prompting .txt, .doc, .docx, .rtf files
  •     Prompting MS Office Presentations
  •     Prompts Images/Scans
  •     In-built Editor
  •     Dual-Screen Prompting
  •     Dongle based perpetual Licensing

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Speech Pro VS Speech Master

Speech Pro and Speech Master Both are Double Stand stage prompters. Speech Pro combines all the essential and some powerful features, to make it versatile yet simple to learn product, whereas Speech Master combines advanced software features that might take a bit of initial practise to get used to, but once mastered, it can be a aid like no other.Give yourself the ultimate advantage at the stage with Speech Master.

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comparion icon between two teleprompters


1 License Speech Pro software

1 Set Speech Hardware


Monitor: 19"

Hardware Height : Min: 2'5"; Max: 5'10"



Operating System:¬†Windows XP   &  Above (32 bit or 64 bit) Min 2.6Ghz

CPU: 2 GB RAM; 1 Free PCI Express Slot(For Desktop)

Last Update Released on: 1 May 2015